Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hyderabad - Day 5

We arrive Hyderabad 5 days ago. Air India was so messy, they delay us 3 times in that trip and the time delay is 13 hours. We suppose get to Hyderabad at 7:45 AM and we can get there at 9:55 PM.
The first thing after get rid of our luggage in hotel is we went staring to Lotus Children's Hospital to see them. We almost cry to see them, they are so weak and small.

Both Natalie and Nicole are very premature, they get out at 32 weeks . Each weights only1555 and 1545 gram respectively. Today marks the 12th day from their births. Both lost some weights and only today their weights are back to the birth weight.

We come to the hospital to visit them everyday. Each was fed 35 ml for every 3 hour but they only can suck about 14 ml, the rest was nasal feeding ( the tube go to their stomach stay in their nose all the time)

Their doctor said they may need to stay in "High Dependence Unit" for at least 2 more weeks. If they still in the womb, they almost 34 weeks.

Keep touching and holding them are the most happy moment in our lives, there is nothing that we can trade for them, how lovely they are and how much  we love them.

Thai is have some works done for his company. Ngan is reading "What to expect the first year" book.

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