Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hyderabad - Day 18

Our babies were discharged from Lotus Hospital on their 17th day after birth. Natalie was weigh 1555g and Nicole was weigh 1580g. We took them to photo shop to take passport pictures but they were too sleepy and close their eyes all time, so we took their  passport pictures at our service apartment by Dad's smart phone and developed at photo shop.

The DNA test at US consulate on 5/21/13. It was a hottest month in India (more than 40 C degree). Natalie and Nicole were doing fine, they were sleeping most of the day long except feeding time. We had an follow up check-up at Lotus Children's Hospital and Natalie gains 115g, Nicole gains 164g in 1 week. Natalie sucks 25 to 30ml for each feed. Nicole is a lot better, she sucks 35 to 40ml.

Their doctor said Natalie and Nicole do not need to see doctor again because they doing well, and be healthy babies. We are so thrilled to hear that.

Dad doing grocery almost every day, and Mom is taking care of the cooking, washing babies clothe, blanket, preparing the formula. We each feed babies at the same time, Dad mostly feeds Natalie and Nicole is very happy with Mom.

We may have the DNA test result next Tuesday, We already male an online appointment for Consular Report Birth Abroad and apply for our babies passport.

After that is The Indian Exit Permit with the help of Sai Kiran and mostly from Anjani. We think we a closer step to get home.


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