Sunday, April 27, 2014

One Year Old

Today we celebrate our princesses turning one year old. We had a party last Sunday with all family members in both size to a restaurant in town.
Natalie and Nicole are changing every day when we look at them each morning. In just one year, they have transformed from a completely helpless premature newborn into independent little children.
They are developing so fast now that we always see the differences in their behaviors and movements day by day. They are both can stand up by themselves and Nicole can cruise everywhere very well. About 2 months ago, Mom erected a fence and some boxes in our living room to keep them safe, but sometimes Nicole climbs up and sit on the boxes so Mom added some heights to the box by attaching some bags of  diaper to prevent her to do so. Nicole even have taken 2 to 3 first tentative solo steps. Natalie a little bit slower and not take any step yet but she would catch up Nicole in no time.
Natalie has 3 lower and 4 upper teeth but Nicole has only 2 lower and 2 upper teeth. The funny thing is we not sure the Nicole's upper teeth come out yet or they did but distance between them is quite big and we need to talk about that with her doctor on the next checkup routine in 8th May, from there she may need to see a Dentist.  They are so engaging with us, crawling onto our laps, playing peekaboo, hide and seek,  and pat the cake with us every day. 
Both are starting to understand what people are saying to them, and they are using their newfound language skills to get the attention of those around them. Nicole is responding very well when we call her name or say “no” to her for something we do not want her to do. Nicole was very shy or anxious around strangers, she crying and clinging to us when we try to leave. Natalie is less shy and more friendly to almost everyone.
Natalie still attend in the Early Intervention program for next 6 month, Marcia visits her every 2 week to help Natalie build her stronger muscles to move and Marcia very fond of Natalie.
Both response very well with solid food. Mom offers them 2 solid food meals a day and a couple of snacks as fresh fruit, puffs, container baby food, yogurts, and cheese.  They continue to have 3-4 bottles of formula a day. They are both happy girls who are into everything they are just wonderful.
We have been so blessed and will always be so grateful to Dr. Samit and our wonderful surrogate and all the team at KIC.
So Happy first Birthday to our precious little princesses.  They are both happy girls and  light up our lives every day.  You really are the best thing that ever happened to us.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

6 months later ...

Our twins turn 6 months today. Our little girls are healthy, happy, and growing every day. Both are increasingly interactive and comfortable with us, especially with mom because she spend more time with them than dad.

Nicole can roll over by herself and keep lay on her stomach for a while. She also have good fine motor by bringing her hands together, play with them,  and reaches for toys.

Natalie is a bit slower, she need to help to roll over and does not have good skill with her hand yet but we think she will catch up with Nicole soon.
Mom also was introducing them some solid food 2 week ago

Natalie is better eater, she get her homemade soup prepared from mom. It is well cooked rice with chicken , pork and some vegetables. Nicole does not so tolerate so she would only tried Rice cereal at the moment.

Last Thursday, C. from Early Intervention  and K. from First Step visited them. After the evaluation, Natalie is eligible for the program and an Occupation Therapist will visit and help us every 2 week. Nicole skip this step (hooorahhh), but we register her to the Tracking program.

Look back, We feel so lucky and blessed. Every time we look at our angels, we could not feel anything but happiness and joys that they are bring to us.

Here is some updated photos

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Natalie and Nicole at 3 month old

They are doing very well. The weight gain is perfect. They are very easy in feeding and slepping.

Here is some photos to mark the milestome.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hyderabad - Day 18

Our babies were discharged from Lotus Hospital on their 17th day after birth. Natalie was weigh 1555g and Nicole was weigh 1580g. We took them to photo shop to take passport pictures but they were too sleepy and close their eyes all time, so we took their  passport pictures at our service apartment by Dad's smart phone and developed at photo shop.

The DNA test at US consulate on 5/21/13. It was a hottest month in India (more than 40 C degree). Natalie and Nicole were doing fine, they were sleeping most of the day long except feeding time. We had an follow up check-up at Lotus Children's Hospital and Natalie gains 115g, Nicole gains 164g in 1 week. Natalie sucks 25 to 30ml for each feed. Nicole is a lot better, she sucks 35 to 40ml.

Their doctor said Natalie and Nicole do not need to see doctor again because they doing well, and be healthy babies. We are so thrilled to hear that.

Dad doing grocery almost every day, and Mom is taking care of the cooking, washing babies clothe, blanket, preparing the formula. We each feed babies at the same time, Dad mostly feeds Natalie and Nicole is very happy with Mom.

We may have the DNA test result next Tuesday, We already male an online appointment for Consular Report Birth Abroad and apply for our babies passport.

After that is The Indian Exit Permit with the help of Sai Kiran and mostly from Anjani. We think we a closer step to get home.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hyderabad - Day 5

We arrive Hyderabad 5 days ago. Air India was so messy, they delay us 3 times in that trip and the time delay is 13 hours. We suppose get to Hyderabad at 7:45 AM and we can get there at 9:55 PM.
The first thing after get rid of our luggage in hotel is we went staring to Lotus Children's Hospital to see them. We almost cry to see them, they are so weak and small.

Both Natalie and Nicole are very premature, they get out at 32 weeks . Each weights only1555 and 1545 gram respectively. Today marks the 12th day from their births. Both lost some weights and only today their weights are back to the birth weight.

We come to the hospital to visit them everyday. Each was fed 35 ml for every 3 hour but they only can suck about 14 ml, the rest was nasal feeding ( the tube go to their stomach stay in their nose all the time)

Their doctor said they may need to stay in "High Dependence Unit" for at least 2 more weeks. If they still in the womb, they almost 34 weeks.

Keep touching and holding them are the most happy moment in our lives, there is nothing that we can trade for them, how lovely they are and how much  we love them.

Thai is have some works done for his company. Ngan is reading "What to expect the first year" book.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Twin Girls

We have 2 baby girls :)

It is just 32 weeks. They come a bit early and we completely do not expect, but we are so happy to know they are healthy, do not need any support.

Ngan make a phone call immediately to Sai Kiran and talk to Anjani, he confirmed everything is great.  Both Thai and Ngan will make the last wire transfer, some arrangements for final exams in her school and plan to leave for our babies by the end of this week.

Here's the message from Anjani:

" Congrats! You have twin girls, each weighing 1600 gm. They are a bit small but there are doing fine, as they don’t require any support.
But they would be under observation and medical care for a week to 10 days.
 You should take the latest flight out to reach here. "

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30 Weeks

The time now become very fast. We received the report from Anjani today
The message is so nice "All is good with your surrogate and babies. Here’s the scan from 6th"
So we may have from 5 to 6 weeks from the delivery. We hope our babies will cooperate and stay there with D, our surrogate.

Here is some detail about them on the report:

Fetus A
GA :29w3d
Heart Rate : 130-150BPM

Fetus B
GA :29w6d
Heart Rate : 130-150BPM

The preparation at this time:
  - We received the Indian Medical Visa, so this will ease the FRRO process later to apply for Exit Permit for our twins.
  - These 2 Ted and Phil's Cocoons has arrived, we cleaned them up carefully to avoid any allergens
  - Two infant car seats also arrived, we tried to mount one in our van and did it successfully after struggling a bit with the manual.
  - Order the DNA kits from Genetica Lab in Ohio, they will send the kits around 20 April ( 1 month before babies delivery estimate date)
  - Thai send the introducing letter to Hyderabad Consulate to introduce ourselves and ask them to hold our DNA lit when it arrive to their post.
  - Thai research the consulate and FRRO processes and prepare all paperwork so we can quickly bring the babies back to US.
  - Thai  filled out applications for our children’s Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), US Passport and Social Security Card. He filled out everything and only leave the rest as  DOB, gender.
  - Ngan has prepared diapers, baby wipes, babies cloths, bottles, pacifier,…
  - For the formula, we decided to buy them later in India and do not bring any.
  We will nor book the flight and accommodation at this point and we will wait until hear the news from Dr. Samit or Anjani.

Ngan friends from QCV will have a baby shower for us on May 11