Tuesday, October 29, 2013

6 months later ...

Our twins turn 6 months today. Our little girls are healthy, happy, and growing every day. Both are increasingly interactive and comfortable with us, especially with mom because she spend more time with them than dad.

Nicole can roll over by herself and keep lay on her stomach for a while. She also have good fine motor by bringing her hands together, play with them,  and reaches for toys.

Natalie is a bit slower, she need to help to roll over and does not have good skill with her hand yet but we think she will catch up with Nicole soon.
Mom also was introducing them some solid food 2 week ago

Natalie is better eater, she get her homemade soup prepared from mom. It is well cooked rice with chicken , pork and some vegetables. Nicole does not so tolerate so she would only tried Rice cereal at the moment.

Last Thursday, C. from Early Intervention  and K. from First Step visited them. After the evaluation, Natalie is eligible for the program and an Occupation Therapist will visit and help us every 2 week. Nicole skip this step (hooorahhh), but we register her to the Tracking program.

Look back, We feel so lucky and blessed. Every time we look at our angels, we could not feel anything but happiness and joys that they are bring to us.

Here is some updated photos

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