Monday, January 21, 2013

18 Weeks - Half way through

We have entered week 18. We received the scans from Anjani. We always love to read his first message "All is good with your surrogate and babies. Here’s the scan from yesterday." .
That make our blood pressure drop :)

We feel very grateful and lucky so far. We keep continuing to pray for D, our surrogate, our babies, as well as all babies that KIC help for all intend parent like us.

We are waiting for Triple test at week 18 and TIFFA after week 20. That mean we could receive the Triple test soon.

We make the wire transfer to KIC on Saturday, but Monday is President Day so bank official told us they will make the wiring process on Tuesday, 22nd.

Anjani also replies our questions about the Visa type that we need to have before we can go to India , hopefully in May 2013. He think we had signed up earlier, so the new rule will not affect us, that mean we can use our existed Tourist Visa, and do not need to apply for Medical ones.
But the FRRO has not given the official answer yet, so we are not completely sure how thing will change.

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